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Join The PADI Club

Be part of the worldwide club for divers!

Watch The PADI Club Video

For just $49.95, you can dive into a world of benefits,



🔹 **20% off 19 different eLearning codes**, empowering you to pursue advanced certifications like Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver.

🔹 **Free ReActivate eLearning EVERY year**, ensuring your skills are always up to date.

🔹 **Free DAN Prepared Diver Course**, keeping you safe and prepared for any diving situation.

🔹 **20% off PADI Gear**, featuring quality PADI branded swag and apparel, perfect for showcasing your love for diving.

🔹 **20% off Salt Life gear**, perfect for showing off your love for

the ocean lifestyle.

🔹 **20% off Wave Runner Sport Shoes**, for comfortable and stylish footwear on land.

🔹 **25% off Costa del Mar sunglasses**, protecting your eyes with

premium lenses.

🔹 **Free 3-month subscription to GoPro Quik**, making it easy to

capture and share your underwater adventures.

🔹 **Free SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 900s Dive Light** with a qualifying SeaLife purchase, lighting up your dives with brilliance.

🔹 **15% off Tula Blue Purchases**, adding a touch of ocean-inspired elegance to your wardrobe.

🔹 **Free subscription to Scuba Diving Magazine**, keeping you

informed and inspired.

🔹 **One Free Club Exclusive eCard per year**, a special token of


🔹 **25% off a physical certification card per year**, commemorating your achievements.


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